Today is Day 1 of the ‘Why The F Are We So F-A-T?’ Experiment!

Today’s F is…..Fables


Fables are the stories – both conscious and unconscious – that you have in connection with food and eating.


Fables may be said aloud by yourself or someone else in your life (either from the past or in the here and now) –

  • “It’s wrong to waste food”
  • “I must finish my plate”
  • “Eat your vegetables before having dessert”

Or they may be internal ‘rules’ that you have accepted without question:

  • “I have to eat if the clock says it’s a mealtime”
  • “A hot drink must be accompanied by something to eat”
  • “A meal isn’t finished without eating something sweet”

Fables aren’t necessarily bad or wrong. Some fables have been valuable, particularly in previous generations – for example, ‘Don’t waste food’ and ‘Finish your plate’ were useful rules after the war and times of rationing.


However we may need to question the modern day utility of these fables, and create more helpful narratives that serve us better.


In the ‘Eating Blueprint’ system we have a 5 step process to help you uncover your fables and enquire into their usefulness, but for today’s experiment I invite you to ask yourself:

  • What are my fables around food?
  • Are they always true?
  • Are they always helpful?

I’d love to hear what Fables you find! I’m so glad you’re joining me for the experiment and I’d love you connect with me on Facebook or Twitter and say hello. In the meantime, I can’t wait to ‘see’ you tomorrow for Day 2!


With best wishes,

Dr Jen

Dr Jen Nash, (CPsychol, AFBPsS, ClinPsyD, BSc)

Clinical Psychologist

Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society

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