Today is Day 2 of the ‘Why The F Are We So F-A-T?’ Experiment!

Today’s F is…..Failure

My guess is that you have ‘failed’ at one or more weight loss attempts in the past. And that you see this as a sign that you’re wrong, bad, weak-willed, unmotivated…. (fill in your self-criticism of choice)

But today’s F is here to challenge that.

In fact, I’m about to say something controversial. 

“Bring on the failure” 

Yes you read that correctly! I think we need to start to re-write the failure script of the weight loss journey. The bit that doesn’t get talked about in the diet conversation, is that it’s not about a pass or fail. Instead, losing weight is a SKILL.

It’s a bit like learning to walk in fact. If you think about a little person you know, it’s likely you didn’t call them a ‘failure’ when they failed to walk on their first attempt. Rather you encouraged them for trying, comforted them when they fell and remained entirely confident that with enough goes at figuring out how ‘not to do it’, they would get there in the end. 

Infants can teach us so much about weight loss in their learning-to-walk journey.

  1. They don’t get lost in looking back at their ‘failure’, they get back on track and keep focussed on the next attempt
  2. They enjoy the rewards of the praise and encouragement they receive for trying
  3. They accept support from those around them (whether it’s a helping hand, or a table to lean on)

Today’s experiment encourages you to ‘try on’ this idea of re-writing your past weight loss failures. What got you off track? Did you:

  1. Get lost in looking back?
  2. Not reward yourself for your efforts?
  3. Not have support from those who understood you?

I’d love to hear what Fables you find! I’m so glad you’re joining me for the experiment and I’d love you connect with me on Facebook or Twitter and say hello. In the meantime, I can’t wait to ‘see’ you tomorrow for Day 2!


With best wishes,

Dr Jen

Dr Jen Nash, (CPsychol, AFBPsS, ClinPsyD, BSc)

Clinical Psychologist

Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society

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