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Explore Dr Jen’s Book ‘Your Weight Isn’t About Food’

Why the F Are We So F-A-T Book by Dr Jen Nash

Do you eat because you’re bored, stressed or as a reward? It’s positive, straight-forward and no-blame approach make ‘Your Weight Isn’t About Food’ an easy to read format for ‘failed dieters’ who want to lose weight using a no-blame, mindset based solution. Dr Jen shares her own story and gives you a simple, step by step guide to make changes that will last. Gary said: “Thank you very much for presenting these strategies in such a useful way!”

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Get More Willpower! The 6 Simple Steps to
Tackle Food Temptation for Good

  • – Unlock your inner willpower using Dr Jen’s unique, 6 Step ‘DRIVEN’ Process – getting you to the heart of your willpower – fast
  • – Discover how to handle those ‘But I deserve it!’ moments and the other self-sabotaging thoughts – how to spot them and more importantly, overcome them! (you know the ones – “I can’t resist!”, “Just one won’t hurt” and “Oh go on then, I might as well this once”!)
  • – Learn a 30 second mindset shift to do ‘in the moment’ when you are faced with an urge to eat
  • – Find a new found-freedom around your favourite food – without getting off track

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Join Dr Jen’s ‘Why the F?’ 30 Day Challenge

The “Why the F?” Challenge delivers you a daily mindset weight-loss strategy into your inbox every day for 30 days!

  • FUN & POWERFUL MINDSET SHIFTS delivered each day to your inbox, shifting your weight from the inside out.
  • DAILY VIDEO of the strategy of the day. Each video is only 2 – 3 minutes long and easy to fit into your schedule.
  • 30 Quick Mindset Challenges that take less than 5 minutes a day to get results.
  • BONUS E-Book to help you easily implement all that you discover.
  • A BRAND NEW Way of Looking at Your Weight, using the untapped power of eating psychology and your mind.
  • NO DIETS, MEAL PLANS OR PUNISHING EXERCISE ROUTINES just quick and simple mindset tools giving you freedom in both body AND mind.
  • Daily dose of inspiring and uplifting motivation from a world expert in the psychology of weight loss – Dr Jen has walked in your shoes and takes a no-blame approach to eating struggles.
  • NO jargon or psycho-babble€“ Dr Jen has been named an €˜Outstanding Educator for her ability to simplify the complex/keep things simple and real.

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One of my ‘Challengers’ Helen told me, “This is quite exciting seeing what you will come up with each day!

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Mindful Eating to Manage Your Weight in 3 Simple Steps


Did you know there are over 30 reasons why you eat, and hunger is just one of them? This programme is here to help with the other 29!

Discover the 3 Simple Steps to Mindful Eating so you can manage your weight with ease, without punishing diet or exercise plans.

Whilst traditional weight management advice teaches you ‘what’ to eat and ‘how much’ to eat, Dr Jen’s programme will give you the missing piece to your weight management jigsaw – the ‘why’ behind your eating decisions.

Using Dr Jen’s tried and tested mindset approach, in just 5 minutes a day you’ll discover your hidden ‘Eating Story’ – the thoughts and feelings about food and eating that are sabotaging your efforts. You’ll gain new strategies to overcome old habits with ease.

So begin today to get control of your eating and your weight with the most underused muscle in your weight management journey – your mind! Clicking Here to Learn More and Get Started!


Join the Eating Blueprint Programme


Are you ready to escape the diet trap and find your natural weight for life? The Eating Blueprint contains everything you need to uncover your unconscious blocks to weight loss, and exactly how to transform them for fantastic results.

It’s THE no-blame, mindset-based weight loss solution giving you the strategies and tools to reach and maintain a healthy weight, free from struggle.

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Personalised Support from an Eating Blueprint Therapist

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