Get More Willpower! The 6 Simple Steps to Tackle Food Temptation for Good

  • Do you struggle to say ‘no’ to food?
  • Do you feel you lack ‘willpower’ and ‘motivation’?
  • Would you like to discover the simple way to get all the willpower you need?

If so you’re in the right place!

I’m Dr Jen Nash, Chartered Psychologist, Author and most importantly – a recovered emotional eater – so I know firsthand that it’s totally possible to get all the willpower you need around food!

I’m imagining you’re here because there are a few things that are true about you.

  • You’re likely feeling pretty down about your eating and shape.
  • You’ve probably tried a lot of different ways to lose weight – you may even feel hopeless that you can ever reach the healthy weight you want to be, because you find it impossible to resist when the food ‘calls’ you.
  • You might find it hard to resist tempting food, and probably have some ‘But I’ve had a bad day – I deserve it!’ moments, more often than you’d like.
  • You may be thinking, “If only I had more willpower / discipline / self-control / motivation…………’

But here’s the thing. I know you may not believe me right now, but….

You ALREADY have a huge amount of willpower (and motivation, self-control and discipline). I’m imagining you….

  • Have the ‘willpower’ to resist robbing a bank when an unexpected bill comes in and you fancy getting hold of some more money to cover it?
  • Can generally summon up the ‘motivation’ to go out in the rain to pick up your child from the school gate, when the sofa is warm and inviting inside?
  • Have the ‘self-discipline’, when you’re in a committed relationship, not to run off the guy or girl that flirts with you at the bar! (Well, most of the time anyway!)

So why is it that you can apply these skills of motivation, willpower and self-discipline in these other areas of your lives, but not when it comes to eating?

Well it’s often because you simply haven’t been shown how. Until now!

Introducing the ‘Get More Willpower’ Programme! The 6 Simple Steps to Tackle Temptation’

Temptation (1)

In this programme you will:

  • Unlock your inner willpower using Dr Jen’s unique, 6 Step ‘DRIVEN’ Process – getting you to the heart of your willpower – fast
  • Discover how to handle those ‘But I deserve it!’ moments and the other self-sabotaging thoughts – how to spot them and more importantly, overcome them! (you know the ones – “I can’t resist!”, “Just one won’t hurt” and “Oh go on then, I might as well this once”!)
  • Learn a 30 second mindset shift to do ‘in the moment’ when you are faced with an urge to eat
  • Find a new found-freedom around your favorite food – without getting off track
  • The fool-proof formula for enjoying eating, without forced discipline or feeling like you have to constantly control your cravings
  • What your ‘Big Why’ has to do with willpower (and that you can do to improve it – fast.)
  • A brand new way of looking at your weight using the untapped power of eating psychology and your mind
  • The number one tool in your toolbox for handling temptation with ease, and saying ‘yes’ without guilt, or ‘no’ with ease
  • NO DIETS, MEAL PLANS OR PUNISHING EXERCISE ROUTINES – just quick and simple mindset tools giving you freedom in both body AND mind.
  • An inspiring and uplifting dose of motivation from a world expert in the psychology of weight loss – Dr Jen has walked in your shoes and takes a no-blame approach to eating struggles.
  • NO jargon or psycho-babble – Dr Jen’s been named an ‘Outstanding Educator’ for her ability to simplify the complex and keep things simple and real.
  • How mastering your willpower will save you money on shame-filled over-eating in the days, weeks, months and years to come, which will pay for your small investment today, multiple times over

Ok Sounds Great Jen, How Will I Learn?

The ‘Get More Willpower’ Programme contains everything you need to uncover your unconscious blocks to willpower, and how to transform them for fantastic results.

The programme is delivered to you by email, in the form of an interactive learning journal, with step-by-step templates, done-for-you scripts, resource lists and action guides. You’ll watch and learn from your computer, or download your training to your iPad, iPhone, or mobile device.

You’ll get immediate access to the full ‘Get More Willpower’ Training Programme and then one receive one learning module per day by email over the course of the 30 Day programme.


30 Day Programme

Immediate access to Dr Jen’s 6 Step ‘DRIVEN Proces’ then 30 days of instructional and inspirational emails broken down into quick and easy Action Steps. You have full access to programme materials, for life. You can’t get overwhelmed and your progress becomes inevitable.


A Step-By-Step Approach

Dr Jen has been named an ‘Outstanding Educator’ for her ability to simplify the complex. You’re going to love her down-to-earth and accessible teaching style!


24/7 Access to the Materials

Your training materials are delivered by email – allowing you to learn and implement at the pace that is perfect for you.


Learning Journals & Action Checklists

Done for you templates and scripts, resource lists and action guides to supplement and support your learning and results.


‘Experiments’ To Grow & Learn

There’s no such thing as ‘Failure’ in Dr Jen’s unique and proven method. You’ll apply your insights through easy to follow ‘Experiments’ and your new mindsets will develop with ease.

What results can you expect?

Well even if you only use the process once a day, that still adds up to a huge success – if you eat (for example) 150 fewer calories today (e.g. a chocolate bar), that’s 4650 fewer calories this month (over 1lb in weight loss), or 54,750 fewer calories this year (that’s over a stone in weight loss – simply using the power of your mind)

Plus those results are what you can expect if you only use the process ONCE a day. If you’re using it 3 – 4- 5- or 10 times a day – you can see how quickly you’ll move towards your weight loss goal.

If you’re busy and worried about the time commitment involved – please be reassured. The programme takes a maximum of one hour to work through and then less than 30 seconds of thinking differently before you eat is all that’s needed. You really don’t need to sweat it out in the gym for hours to see the results you’re looking for.

What’s My Investment For the ‘Get More Willpower’ Programme?

You’re probably thinking, ‘Sounds interesting Jen, but how much is this going to cost me?’ This unique process I’ve developed was previously only available to private clients (spending £200+ per session with me) but I know the transformative power of this programme, and don’t want finances to be a barrier to you getting access to it.

So, for a limited time, I am making a limited number of these programmes available for just £11.77!


Plus I’m offering you a ‘Make You Happy Guarantee!’


I’m so confident that this programme will help you that if you try it out, do the six steps and it doesn’t help, you can have your money back (just email your completed workbook to my team). You can try it out, on me, completely risk-free.

I’m expecting this offer to be VERY popular, so I urge you to get your copy now, before the price increases.

Once you’ve made your payment, your programme will be delivered to your inbox straight away – meaning you can get started as soon as you’re ready.


Here’s what others have said:

  • Susan“I’ve lost a stone and a half, while still enjoying socialising and holidays. This was the missing piece of the weight loss journey for me”
  • Dawn“Thanks to your wise words and your inspiration and motivation I have managed to release my ‘inner slimmer’ and lost 17lbs so far. You are amazing I am so grateful”
  • Sandra“I’m going to miss the plan when we come to the end! It’s really helped me – thank you so much for your easy way of chatting, It’s very appealing”
  • Gary“Thank you very much for presenting these strategies in such a useful way”
  • Anoushka“This is wonderful and very well put together, congrats!”

If you’re ready to join the ‘Get More Willpower!’ programme and get these results for yourself, then click the button below to get started straight away – I can’t wait to be supporting you soon!


Dr Jen Nash (CPsychol, AFBPsS, ClinPsyD, BSc)

Chartered Clinical Psychologist 

Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society 

International Expert in the Psychology of Eating 

‘Outstanding Educator’ Finalist in the Quality in Care Awards, 2014


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